Making Sense of The Paint Zoom Scam Complaints

Paint Zoom is a paint sprayer that works using HVLP or high-volume, low pressure. It can use air at low pressure to deliver a high volume of paint. This type of machine is sold by other companies. The company that makes this machine used a popular infomercial to sell customers on it. The commercial seemed to indicate that it was so powerful it could paint an entire house in about an hour.

That is not going to happen with this product. Many people who bought it and used it realized that, as long as they followed the manual’s instructions, the device worked well. The trickiest part was thinning the paint out before putting it into the enclosed cup.

So are Paint Zoom scam complaints invalid? Not really. While the product is not a scam, it does have some aspects that most people overlook and immediately jump into assuming are defects. Here are some Paint Zoom scam complaints that are easily exposed as being, well, just negative complaints.

Paint Zoom is now sold under the name Paint Zoom Deluxe. The product is the same. People who complain about it complain about having to add 10 percent water to paint if it is latex. If you do this, you may find the paint is too thin and it requires you to spray again for a second coat. This does not mean the product is a scam.

The machine helps you paint more easily but honestly unless you are hiring a professional, you will have to put some effort into using it to paint a house exterior. Be aware that if you use it to paint furniture or cabinets, which most people say it does a great job of doing, you have to cover your baseboards, carpets, furniture or whatever else you do not want to get splattered by paint.

Covering up things you do not want to get painted is pretty much the usual when doing any type of painting with a brush or a roller. So, it is not exactly a stretch for the Paint Zoom.

Other complaints are about the noise the machine makes. Those who appreciate the job that it does say it runs about as loudly as a vacuum. Other people complained that the unit became hot during use. Again, vacuums and other appliances get hot when being used too. Hopefully, this article has exposed scam complaints as being nothing more than your average consumer complaints.

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